Market analysis, What does it entail?

Our Assessment provides organizations with a professional assessment of their personnel. Using tools (psychographic, interviews…) we provide general and individual recommendations on the adequacy of human capital to the challenges of the market at any given time.

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What are you going to achieve with our assessment sessions?

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    Competency model

    Analysis of business status and definition of competency objectives

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    Definition of professional

    Profiles Study of existing profiles and definition according to reference frameworks

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    Identification of business alignment

    Assessment of the relationship between the different organizational levels and proposal of adjustments

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    Outlining organizational policies and systems

    Search for individual and collective corporate alignment

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    Assessment of the professional path

    We value talent and define a professional path within the organizational

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    Structure Selection of the organizational plan

    Development of the competency model to achieve business objectives.

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    Modelo competencial
    Análisis del estado empresarial y planteamiento de objetivos competenciales.

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    Definión de perfiles profesionales
    Estudio de los perfiles existentes y definición según marcos de referencia.

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    Identificación de concordancia empresarial
    Valoración de la relación entre los diferentes niveles organizacionales y planteamiento de ajustes.

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    Delimitación de políticas y sistemas organizacionales
    Búsqueda de alineación corporativa individual y colectiva.

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    Evaluación del recorrido profesional
    Valoramos el talento y definimos una trayectoria profesional dentro de la estructura organizacional.

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    Selección del plan organizacional
    Desarrollo del modelo competencia para alcanzar objetivos empresariales.

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