Sales & Retail Coaching 8C´s in action: The Killer Question, the Client Barefoot in a tile floor store



I’m the Client,
Barefoot in a tile floor store
Pieds nus dans un magasin de revêtement de sols
Descalzo en tienda de revestimiento de suelo

Which Killer question asked me the sales persons, so that I put off my shoes and experiment at a sensorial & kin esthetic level the texture of this ?



The KILLER QUESTION from this sales coaching expert “would have been” : “What is the most relevant aspect for YOU when you buy a floor for your living room?”

I would have answered: “Look, I love to walk barefoot at home, from spring to summer time. And as your ceramic looks like wood; I was wondering how it would feel !”

Instead, the sales expert was insisting to present to me a lot of products (convincingly), answering my questions (on a charming way), but NOT ASKING QUESTIONS. He was not interesting himself on my lifestyle, my taste and my preferences… neither on my consumer potential with questions like “how is your project?” or ” How many rooms”… No questions, no open questions.


As I’ve got this kind of personalities, I finally suggested:

“Do you mind if I put my shoe  👟 off, to feel the texture of the floor?”🦶.

He answered “No problem!”

Nice, but I was (me, the client) the one leading the dance of selling💃 ; he was not.


This hashtagselling experience was not bad; in fact I would give a 7, or maybe even a 8… but never a 10, because I could have received most of those answers online or on this retailer’s webpage. I visited this physical store to receive QUESTIONS that would help me think, touch, feel, get enthusiast, feel recognized.

Ah, and I was the one asking for his name and business card. So, no hashtagclienteling. Come on… no hashtagomnichannel.




If I analyze through our CapKelenn | Sales & Retail Coaching 8C’s of an excellent sales, I found good the

C’s 1 (Consult), 2 (Connect), 4 (convince), 5 (convert objections),

and I found shamelessly bad the

C’s 3 (Comprehend), 6 (Conclude), 7 (Complement) and

8 (Confirm; no clienteling),

like the vast majority, still, of sales persons. What we call a sales person from XX century.


Conclusiones for your sales hashtagmethod. So…

– Answering machine OR professional questioner?
– Transactional style OR Emotional, sensorial and human sales interaction OR ?
– One-shot sales OR Customer Relationship management?
– In-store OR onmichanel & phygital scope ?
– Sales person from XX OR Sales Coaching from XXI century ?

For any request, or to just discuss, please contact CapKelenn Retail Coaching at: info@capkelenn.com


CapKelenn in luxury retail

CapKelenn is the primary certification in Retail Coaching worldwide, certifying managers in Retail to really become coaches for their sales teams, facilitating the transition towards a supreme clienteling savoir-faire. CapKelenn delivers the certification in 12 languages on all the 5 continents. CapKelenn accelerates change, thanks to people, with results that are fast, visible and sustainable, contributing to fertilize a client experience that is memorable and personalized.



Benoit Mahé

PCC (Profesional Certified Coach of ICF) & Capkelenn founder.

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