conferencias motivacionales como motivar equipos


Motivation in retail


Every company needs to keep their employees motivated in order to remain a competitive force in the market. Motivation in retail shares some characteristics with motivation in other industries, but at the same time has some key differences that must not be ignored.

Customer care in retail in many cases entails difficult physical situations that force you to stay standing up for long hours, accompanied in some cases of strong smells (like frying oil in fast-food restaurants) or uncomfortable temperatures (cold in florist stores). Even more, it demands you deal with a constant influx of potential customers, every one of them different from the last, in a different situation. Knowing this, it’s not hard to understand why feelings of apathy or stress appear.

Nonetheless, we find many chains that are able to offer an excellent service even under these difficult circumstances. How do they do it? Company policy and customer care rules, or mystery shopper tests play their role, of course. But they cannot be the only factor.

Besides, a salesman is always exposed to the reactions of their clients. While an executive or an office worker or scientist can ‘hide behind their desks’ if they are having a bad day, sales does not allow this.


Motivational conferences


Motivational conferences are tools that can be applied with big groups of employees. Through them, we can generate consciousness of our situation as employees and in our shops and businesses. Sometimes, to grow and improve we need an outsider of our company that, narrating to us their experience and sharing their expertise, allows us to think about things we believe to be immutable or guaranteed.

A good speaker is someone who knows how to listen before the talk, to discover the challenges and needs of the assistants of their conference. On this basis, they are able to adapt the format of the conference to deal with these key points in a dynamic and entertaining way. Using their oratory skills and their charisma they present these points to their audience, placing the focus on the important things to deal with. This way, the team generates a form of collective consciousness and lines up the interests of all members of the organization, to produce synergy.

Sales convention


A motivational conference is often given during a sales convention, in which the whole sales team of the business meets. The speaker, a retail expert, gives a complete picture of the situation, pointing out the specific problems of the business in its context, generating awareness in those groups and helping the collaborators of the business view their problems under a new light. After that, using their accumulated experience, they advise and propose solutions tested under other situations, and assuages any doubts that might have arisen. This way, commitment with the objectives of the business is generated, which has a positive effect on the life and health of the employees on one hand, and on the results of the company on the other.

In CapKelenn we count on Benoit Mahé as the expert in these matters, being as he is an expert speaker in retail.


CapKelenn in luxury retail

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