Working as a Retail Coach is a very complete job, however some people still ignore it. As a Retail Coach accredited, we train people to improve their profitability and their productivity, to gain motivation, to develop their communication with their teams, to understand and handle every day the commercial techniques… Because Retail sector is an interesting school, a source full of commercial, human, and emotional challenges.

When a shop responsible, an area chief or an operating responsible go through a Retail Coaching Process, a door is opening in his/her work life and soul… and in consequences in his/her personal life. The habits and thought changes start to be effective in his/her life goals. According to Todo se puede entrenar from Toni Vidal, we can recognize in the first pages the common effect which all the coaches have; no matter they are sportive, political, executive or Retail coaches. Toni Nadal explains: “I always believed the learning of my nephew Rafael at a professional level would have consequences in its way of life. I think what he learnt as a tennis man is also useful for his everyday life and for the rest of his life.”

This is why in Retail Coaching we deeply want to contribute to a world with better values, necessities, competencies, challenges, company vision… and with people. Yes, in Retail Coaching we like contributing to a better world.


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