Artists of catering

This night of March 2017, we went out for dinner between retail coaches, with Jean during our mission for SFRs shops, which headquarters are in Courbevoie. We went out of the hotel and walked to the island “Ile de la Jatte”. In a corner, a restaurant, typical from the banks of the River Seine, and typically French. We were about to live a humorous night with an energy of 100.000 volts.

In April second part of our retail coaching intervention at SFR’s, coincidence,we explained the customer experience to the sales managers and we wanted to check if that night was kind of special. And again. Since we ate there very well, and these guys enjoy good food, the customer experience was just funny and unique.

A couple of weeks after, Jean gets there alone and had dinner there, he gets a warm welcome “Good to see you again”, surprised he asked :“Do you remember me?” and the waiter said  “Of course, you were with your colleague last time, you had dinner outside and to be more comfortable I changed your table” and yes everything was true, what a memory and especially what an interest for its clients, who feels unique at this moment!

This is the reason why we finished by suggesting to our client to finish our work with a well-earned dinner. The third time for us, to illustrate our definition of customer experience and of… Sales!

The key to success

Why is “Le Nouveau Paris “ in Neuilly remarkable?

  • The tone tries to be quirky “Hi, guys” which is informal, and then we can say that; with this person or this other, we know that it’s not going to work! But actually, it works. Because they have a glimmer of intelligence, which gives us a good feeling and we want to be part of it.
  • I still have in mind this retired couple from the French countryside visiting Paris. They told us they passed by for a tea around 4pm. They enjoyed that much the hospitality that they decided to come again for diner the same day.
  • The waiters know exactly their menu; the origins of each product. They advise wines to combine with, they suggest, they offer, they give us the envy, without forcing us.
  • JC and Frédéric, this is the name of the waiters (not the bosses) work 14 hours per day. They are waiters… from another galaxy!
  • When I ask their motivation to spread their “joie de vivre” during the service they simply reply, we sell an art of living, a nice atmosphere, the authentic spirit of the Bistrot… These are values that come back.

For all of the business lovers, all the traders that try to explain to their sellers how to marvel a client, here is a good advice: invite them to a tuna ventresca at “Le Nouveau Paris”.


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