Training for executives of CapKelenn

For executives of retail companies or those with a point of sale, CapKelenn develops leadership skills and reinforces the competencies in management in order to generate significant change in the organisation and its sales results.

Through our retail coaching method for sales teams and training for executives, companies achieve more motivates teams, with clear sales targets which are aligned with the business values.

Training for executives allows the supervisors, managers or those responsible for the store to become motivated and transmit that feeling to entire team. Consequently, this motivation reaches the customers who are satisfied with the service received and the purchase made

Retail coaching for sales teams

Training objectives for executives

Training for manager helps you to deliver motivational messages

Learning how to develop collective skills, both individually and in a team environment that place a focus on your customers are just some of the objectives that managers have achieved thanks to the retail coaching method of Capkelenn.

Training for managers reviews the bases of management and enables you to acquire effective communication skills and a clear style for meetings which helps you to deliver motivational messages towards the sales team more effectively.

Who is training for managers intended for?

Training for managers and the Capkelenn retail coaching method is intended for owners, senior management, middle management, department supervisors, area managers, directors and anyone else who holds a responsible position:
– Stores
– Franchises and franchisees
– Large distribution companies
– Manufacturers and distributors of FMCG
– Independent Shops
– Chambers of commerce and associations of merchants

Training methodology for managers

Metodología de la formación para directivos

– Format: Classroom, X hours spread over X sessions

– Languages: Spanish, English or French

– Location:?

– Certification: Capkelenn Retail Coach

The coaches at Capkelenn are certified professionals with extensive experience in training for senior executives in the retail sector. In their sessions, they make use of different tools to transmit knowledge in the best possible way, including role plays, exercises and questionnaires, etc., all using comprehensive monitoring, individual executive coaching, teams and with PNL.



Three years after the Retail Coaching program, we continue to see its impact.

Ver Mas

It’s a daily challenge to motivate the staff at airport restaurants: Burger King, Starbucks, Lizarrán…. Three years after the Retail Coaching program with CapKelenn, we continue to see the impact and the mark it has left on working methods and motivation.

Fernando Calpe
Director SSP Airport

I hope CapKelenn can be very successful, its vision is admirable.

Ver Mas

I recognise its vision and it is something that I admire and support. I wish great success to Capkelenn to create a world which people want to belong in.

Robert Dilts
World leader in the development of PNL

The ‘outdoor’ that we did in our company exceeded all of our expectations.

Ver Mas

Thanks to the extraordinary organisation of the event and to the unparalleled capacity of motivation of the Capkelenn team, the Outdoor that we organised for our company had a result that surpassed the expectations of the entire group.

Pedro Jiménez
Country Manager

Our 350 participants were delighted with the conference

Ver Mas

The feedback received from our 350 participants showed an excellent level of satisfaction.

Patricia Mena
General Director, Colombia

Thanks to this conference, I overcame my fear of leading.

Ver Mas

I developed an absurd fear to lead. I have spent 10 years with the opportunity and never dared to lead. After today’s conference, the first thing I will do, is to lead.

Auroa Jiménez
Accounts Supervisor

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