Dear clients, trainees, partners…
Dear friends,

This Friday, September 1st, 2017, we are celebrating CapKelenn’s 8th anniversary and beginning the year IX of this wonderful entrepreneurial adventure: Bringing coaching to the heart of Retail Operations, betting for the posture of coaching to reveal the talent of store personnel … and receive recognition from:

• Employees, who feel valued
• Clients, who then feel unique
• And Shareholders, who observe the company’s KPI’s and Ebitda

That morning, at the end of summer 2009, during the world economic crisis, together with Viviane Huido, we created this company with a Breton name: CapKelenn. Since then, a dynamic has been generated: we have refined the Retail Coaching © method by certifying more than 1.800 professionals, over 100 retail networks in 12 countries.

In this adventure, we have united talents of which we are very proud of: the Acredited Certified CapKelenn Coaches. Certified coaches with proven retail experience who have incorporated our method to deliver it to their own markets. Today, the team is made up of 22 people, a core team at headquarters and the coaches in the countries. Accompanying our customers, we are focused on Western Europe (UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland) and Latin America (México) and this autumn we start operations in Russia and Serbia.

Over the past 8 years, the Retail environment has changed extremely fast. Omnichannel allows todays customer to interact with a brand not only in store (physical contact), but also on the Internet, on his smartphone, through e-commerce…. Omnichannel has redistributed the cards and stimulated the need for excellence, customer relationship and employee relationship. Definitely amateurism and mediocrity are not tolerated anymore by us, the consumers. The customer becomes very demanding and volatile. So, what have we learned in those 8 years and how to develop teams capable of taking this challenge? This is one of the equations that I am trying to solve in my next book, which will be released in the first quarter of 2018, with a simultaneous launch in 3 languages: French, Spanish and English.

In this newsletter, you will also discover 3 article:
– a reflection on talent and professional talent.
– If you are also a parent, as we approach the new school year, we will provide you with a simple and effective key to establishing the right conversations with your children, applying coaching to education.
– You will also find a quiz that will help you identify if Retail Coaching is what you need.

We express our recognition and gratitude to those companies that in this last year have trusted us. Thanks to:
• Hackett in UK
• Sephora in Spain
• Nespresso in Switzerland
• Primark in Spain
• Castorama in France
• Bestseller (Jack&Jones, Only…) in Spain
• Allianz in France
• Palacio de Hierro in Mexico
• JD & Sprinter in Spain
• Cortefiel, Springfield, Women Secret in Spain, Belgium, Portugal
• Promod Ghanty in Réunion island, France
• Dolores Promesas in Spain
• SFR in France
• Fiat Jeep in Spain
• Yves Rocher in France
• Banco Sabadell in Spain
• Scalpers in Spain
• Courir in France
• Restaurant GINOS in Spain
• Gérard Darel in France
• Schmidt in Spain
• CWF (Children Worldwide Fashion) in Spain
• Roche Bobois Europe

Thanks to all our clients in 8 years.

With the entire CapKelenn team, we wish you an excellent new season.

Benoit Mahé
Coach & CEO CapKelenn
We coach people to contribute to a better world in retail.


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