The Retail Coaching Méthod brought us motivation and leadership!

Ver Mas

In 2015, we celebrated Tea Shop’s anniversary: 25 years selling high quality tea with passion. For several years, I have been a faithful reader and follower of Retail Coaching’s excellent books (first and second edition). This year, we have taken the decisive step of beginning the programme of Retail Coaching. From the first moment, it brought us a better method of working, motivation, leadership and the feeling of a positive collaboration, in addition to passion for our work and the world of tea

Per Sundmalm
CEO Tea Shop

Benoit Mahé is a great communicator who succeeds at bringing simple and efficient concepts

Ver Mas
I have been pleasingly surprised to discover Retail Coaching’s methodology because it combines in an exemplary manner business priorities with the understanding of the human being. Moreover, Benoit Mahé is a great communicator who succeeds at conveying information clearly and bringing simple and efficient concepts for better daily performance.


Mónica García Bustamante
Director at América Retail Spain

C’est stupéfiant! La Méthode Retail Coaching nous a apporté un savoir-faire

Ver Mas

La Méthode Retail Coaching de CapKelenn a fait que nous nous sommes dépassés. C’est stupéfiant! Apres un formation de seulement quelques mois, nous étions capable de mettre en pratique et d’exercer le Retail Coaching, former nos groupes régionaux pour qu’eux-mêmes puissent voir aussi leurs succès avec leurs franchisés. Cela nous a apporté un savoir-faire, une implication continue et plus personnelle, davantage adaptée a chacun de nous

Eva Ivars
Directrice Générale Espagne et Portugal

CapKelenn brought out the best from all of us!

Ver Mas

By reconciling mathematics with emotions, CapKelenn has been able to get the best from us in human management. As a result, I have a motivated team that’s committed to achieving excellent results.

María del Mar García
Director of Human Resources

CapKelenn has triggered off our results

Ver Mas

We chose CapKelenn because we needed our points of sale to be responsible for their key performance indicators and also to be able to implement concrete action plans on their own. Fort this transformation, we needed to go through the key chains: middle managers and regional directors. Why CapKelenn? It was the method that seemed best suited to us; because it encourages each person to find their own answers and implement the action plan. CapKelenn triggered off our results.

Nicolas Roué
Commercial Director SFD, first distributor SFR

The CapKelenn method brings out the best in each person

Ver Mas

I have worked as a Regional Director at Merkal for 20 years, and I have found a new method with CapKelenn. I am delighted. There is a before and an after. With the balance score card in hand, we are now working together and bringing out the best of each person. We have increased by 22% last Saturday!

Carlos Garramiola
Regional Director

The conferences are really worth it

Ver Mas

I have just returned from a CapKelenn workshop, which I consider the best training that has been organised so far- as well as the 7 habits training. Challenges, efficiency, responsibilities, satisfaction, pride, power, questions, delegation, improvements…all words that are small takeaways from what we have learned. It’s unfortunate that my regional co-workers who have not attended have missed out as it was really worth it.

Anna Maria Camps
Partner of the company

Our team has reached a new level…and all in a couple of days!

Ver Mas

The leadership training and Retail Coaching provided by CapKelenn has ensured our management team has provided us with immediate improvements in achieving our performance objectives, as well as developing our daily sales work.

Ismael Morais
Country Manager

I took what I learned into the stores…and it works!

Ver Mas

I had read the Retail Coaching book and it led me to understand all of those terms that you hear, but don’t always fully understand. I took what I learned to the stores and it worked. We are the most proefessional and best version of ourselves that we have ever been in the way we operate. It is one thing to read the book, but another to convey those feelings and beliefs that cling to you. I hope we meet again soon.

Monte González
Director, Canarias

I have been committed to my team. Fantastic!

Ver Mas

“Today, I have already implemented the 6 questions. They are great and prevent dilemas and bickering. I’ve committed!!! Fantassssstico!!!”

José de la Rosa
Brand Director at Canarias

Now I have a real tool to help my team

Ver Mas

It is this training course that has given me the most (and I have done many). Now I have a real tool to help my team, which makes me feel safe and happy.

Soledad Blanco
Area Manager

Now my team knows that change is possible

Ver Mas

Retail Coaching is much more than a training program since it transmits critical business parameters and lets you take concrete actions. The store staff spread the feeling that change is possible and that they are capable of making it happen. Specifically, we wanted this program to make important affordable change to make them feel empowered- it is a very distinctive program. Having individual tracking and feedback is of great value. We are confident that the good results will be confirmed.

Marta Sánchez
Global Retail Director

We have taken a step forwards thanks to CapKelenn

Ver Mas

We are very pleased with this Retail Coaching Program. We have taken a step forward in the ability of our store managers to manage their teams and in their future employability.

Ramón Amoros
RRHH Director

Now the team meetings are more relaxed and efficient.

Ver Mas

Through Retail Coaching, we have discovered that meetings can be much more relaxed and at the same time much more efficient. We have achieved more affinity and clarity, as well as managing to communicate better.

Angel Burgueño
General Director

Today I feel much more confident with my clients and stores staff

Ver Mas

The unit per ticket (UPT) has increased from 1.30 to 1.69 (30%) in 2 months. Today I feel much more confident with my clients and my store assistants thanks to the Retail Coaching Program.

María Isabel Ponce
Store Manager

With CapKelenn, the figures are much easier

Ver Mas

It has improved my ability to listen and now I understand my team much more. With CapKelenn, the figures are much easier. Thanks to the balanced score card, now we don’t have to wait until the end of the month to rectify. This tool allows me to keep the team motivated and driven. I like to have follow up meetings with them.

Marie Paule Bellier
Store Manager at Rennes

The CapKelenn method is concrete and stimulating.

Ver Mas

We had a very good training experience with CapKelenn. They are specialists in retail and used specific and challenging methods and tools. Our sales team was delighted.

María Aguilera Jiménez
Director of Marketing and Sales

CapKelenn has empowered our daily tasks.

Ver Mas

The Capkelenn program has enabled our clients to professionalise their businesses; the small businesses are just as equal as that of the big chains. CapKelenn has provided an overview of the business, including retail management and key business indicators. Retail Coaching allows you to motivate staff, give value to their work and give importance to their daily tasks. The Individual coaching performed during individual visits provided unprecedented value.

Covadonga Rodríguez
Commercial Customer Counsellor

We have Capkelenn to thank for our 30% increase in sales.

Ver Mas

Thanks to the CapKelenn Retail Coaching course, we have increased our ticket average from €1.17 to €1.50, an increase of almost 30% in 3 months.

Vicente Pérez

Our trade associates have found the CapKelenn program very useful.

Ver Mas

The Retail Coaching program taught by CapKelenn had a very favourable reception by our associates. The combination of classroom training and individual store visits proved to be very practical and was immediately applicable to their business.

Gregorio González Muñoz
Vice President

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