A morning briefing… or a Haka?

Why do the All Blacks execute this ritual before starting their rugby match?
To impress the adversary? Maybe.


Actually what they are looking for is to ignite a common energy in the TEAM; it is preparation to SUCCESS.

How do they prepare collectively for success?

  • They look at the SAME POINT
  • Shout with ONE VOICE
  • Even cooordinate their BODY movements

Those guys don’t enter the field just to spend the day… the All Black do the Haka ritual to remind themselves they came to WIN. They prepare their EMOTIONS, their BODIES, their LANGUAGE to one thing: TO WIN !

Would you like your teams in Retail or in the office to start their day like the All Blacks, getting PREPARED TO WIN, preparing their EMOTIONS, their BODIES and their LANGUAGE, TO SUCCEES?

This is the ritual of the MORNING BRIEFING.

Efficient briefings

How efficient are the briefings in your organization?

Have you ever organized a competition of the best briefing video recorded? I know of several retail chains that became specialists of this ritual: Apple, Sprinter, Schmidt or Décathlon and also Springfield, Primark, Sephora, Cortefiel, Palacio de Hierro or Women Secret…

Here goes some rules for a successful Morning Briefing:

  • It’s a ritual; so, it always happens at the same time and same place; typically in the morning but also in changes of shifts.
  • Use White board with Key simple Figures (one single point to look at)
  • Have FUN! Seed Positive Energy, to set the day’s mood. You can include a round of applause; look for good reasons for celebrations: the best ticket yesterday, the best UPT, a great testimony from a client, a birthday, etc…
  • All participate; it can’t be a monologue. We should hear everyone’s voice.
  • Create a buzz and finish with a bang, a War Cry, or a song.
  • The manager can ask individual questions like:
    • What’s this product’s composition?
    • What are you going to focus on today, Peter?
    • Show me how are you are going to do additional sales (role play)

Retail Briefings should:

  • Guide
  • Focus on priorities
  • Set clear rules
  • Be Express Training
  • Motivate

Briefing via Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp

And so, what about me? If my direct team is in 10 different stores?

Maybe you are a manager who manages a large chain. What about your briefing? Have you ever tried a briefing via Facetime or Skype? Or sent a video message via Whatsapp?

Some weeks ago, I was addressing a conference to a professional association, Acotex, at 9:30 am. Just before starting, in the coffee area outside, I was observing Javier Lapeña, a recently CapKelenn certified Retail Coach level 1, and a partner of Spanish fashion brand, Dolores Promesas. I asked him:

  • Javier, are you not entering the amphitheater? Conference starts in 2 minutes.
  • Yes, I am coming. Just finalizing my morning briefing with the team!

WOW! Javier and Marta, the retail manager, manage 28 stores. Thanks to technology, they keep this daily contact with the teams in store through those morning briefings.

What if the main role of a manager would be to set the energy at the beginning of each day?


Efficient briefing?

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