When I recently told one of my good friends I was working for CapKelenn, he was surprised by the combinations of words I used to describe my job: Retail + Coaching. In other words: learning to be a good seller and contibute to a better world.


Being a good seller

What I was trying to explain was, roughly speaking, that I was committed to help business people and sellers to contribute to a better world. However, in our society, there are many widespread prejudices that make us considering the concept of “honest seller” as an oxymoron.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that sales jobs are stigmatized, even by those who practice it, and have a negative reputation, due to a biased and skewed social perception, which deepens even further the root of the problem. Let’s be honest, who can nowadays say with head up; “I am a Salesperson” ?

This causes unambiguously personal tensions that should not be ignored. Sellers suffer from serious identity problems, I can see it every day, caused by the denial of their profession. And, from my point of view, not recognizing what you are is the worse news you may have. We can build our future and what we are willing to become when we’ve accepted who we are.




A good seller listens, hears and understand

For that reason, and to fight the historical and cultural burden of this business, I invite you to go beyond this stigma, in order to focus on the merits of this job. The sellers that I propose you is a professional who listens, hears and understands the needs of its customers, and helps them. This salesperson is aware of the strengths and weaknesses of its product. He refutes with elegance and respect the objections of his client and has developed a great resistance to frustration, because throughout his days he has to bear the criticism and negative answers of its customers. This salesperson knows how to make customers loyal, to praise them at fair value and walk out of his meetings with the feeling of having contributed to their satisfaction.


Selling: establishing an emotional connection

Thus, the sales profession should not be stigmatized, but quite the contrary, because it requires a respectable level of perseverance. Being seller is nothing more than knowing how to dance with the customer to support and charmed him from the first to the last step. Selling is to establish an emotional connection between two people, as in a dance.

From this point of view, and with a new perception of what being a seller means, I ask you this : can you imagine how this country would change if all sellers were dancing with their customers ? There is no doubt that the salespersons have a great social responsibility, and I am proud to help these people to make retail contributes to a better world.


Are you commited to being a good seller?



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