And you, What have you done with your TALENTS ?
Matthew 25:14-30

Whatever our beliefs, this parable challenges us. Which percentage of your potential do you consider you already expressed so far in your career? And in your life?

In Retail Coaching Conferences or workshops, when we ask this question, hand lifted answers vary from roughly 25% to 75%.

And the next question from the Coach obviously is:
“what is your plan to get closer to your 100%?”

15% of the active population work in Retail; who dreams for their sons that they become sales assistants? Not many, right? There is nothing more vital at work then, and particularly in Retail, than good Managers; coaches maybe, capable to accompany their team members towards their best level, and give them sense of purpose.

If you consider your talent is buried, or partly buried until now, what could you do to reveal all your potential, and make others take advantage of your shining light?

Are you being sincere with yourself and your deepest purpose?

I address very freely this question, because as a Retail Manager during 15 years, in my successive jobs, I myself experienced a palette of feelings including sometimes sadness, resignation, limited self-confidence… and sometimes also passion, self-fulfillment, pride. When I felt sad and resigned, I would have probably answered no more than 30% of my potential was expressed. And then, I was certainly not feeling talented. Maybe today I would score higher, thanks to the work I did on myself in recent years, mainly through coaching.

When you give permission to yourself to shine, then you allow the others around you to shine also, including your customers, your team members, your management, your family.

With our team, we are asking this same question to retail managers who are decidedly betting for cultivating talent through Retail Coaching.

Is the Talent management strategy written down for your Retail Chain, for your area, for your store?
Does each of your team members know what is the next task or competence he needs and desires to master?
Have you established Individual Development Plan (IDP) process? And if so, do your employees consider it as a leverage for their Professional and Personal development, or just one more boring process to fulfill headquarters instructions?
In short, have you established a context to sustainably develop talent in your organization so that your customer encounter vibrant, vivid and well trained sales person?

“What you are is a gift from the world
What you do with what you are is your gift to the world!”
What has been your contribution to your team, to the society… to yourself?

We believe, at CapKelenn, people in Retail can contribute to a better world:
– Better for the Customers through unique customer experience
– Better for the Staff through personal consideration and sense of purpose, development and self-fulfillment
– Better for Shareholders through extraordinary KPI and Ebitda.


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