The II CapKelenn Convention gathered, in Madrid, the leading retail companies in Spain.

Apple, Hermès, Schmidt Kitchens, Springfield or Hackett. Nobody wanted to miss what was undoubtedly one of the major events of the year for Retail.

On April 7th, in the only Relais&Chateaux of Madrid, the II CapKelenn Clients Convention brought together the industry’s main Spanish retail companies. Sales managers, regional managers and even CEOs were gathered in Madrid, to participate in this interactive day led by Benoit Mahé, CEO of CapKelenn, and seconded by the CapKelenn coaches’ team.

Nobody would have been able to guess that the event would begin with the CapKelenn coaches: Viviane Huido, José Luis Escribano, Carole Vecten, Leonor Larrarte, and Verónica Ramírez, CapKelenn’s CRM specialist, surprising the audience with their anecdotes.

They told stories of real people who attended the Retail Coaching program and radically changed their behavior to achieve unprecedented results. The striking introduction was followed by Benoit’s intervention with his story “The baker’s smile”, which reminded the attendees of the importance of the attention given to clients to generate their loyalty. “I am responsible for my mood and also my client’s”, he said, whilst explaining the “dance with the client”.

Convention CapKelenn
Convention CapKelenn

The CapKelenn team (from left to right): Hortensia Soler, Guillem Ganduxé, Pedro Flores, Verónica Ramírez, José Luis Escribano, Viviane Huido, Benoit Mahé, Carole Vecten and Leonor Larrarte. 

Then, the interactive day started with Benoit, who asked a first question to the audience: “What are the three things you would like your customers to remember when leaving your store?”. It was followed by other questions related to Retail, which boosted the working groups and created interesting debates. Then, Hortensia Soler, coach and professional actress, entered the room and played a client disappointed by the treatment she received in a store. “A store is like a stage in which each element plays its role”, she assured the participants after finishing her performance.

The day continued with topics for reflection on today’s retail challenges. They talked about the ways to generate customers’ confidence and about integration of new technologies in the relationship with customers. Hermès shared its experience on the introduction of tablets as work tool in its establishments and Sprinter explained its effective ways of informing and motivating their salesforce during briefing sessions; Merkal recalled the effectiveness of its Retail Games to boost a KPI.

Undoubtedly, the key of the day was this exchange of ideas between the working groups and the whole audience, which allowed them to approach issues related to stores, teams, sales, etc; from a bold and innovative perspective. The atmosphere of cordiality between the participants, very open to share their experiences and meet other professionals, contributed to the success of this exchange. All have agreed that all sectors of Retail, despite their differences, have the same difficulties and the same challenges.

On the news front, CapKelenn surprised the audience with the presentation of the Retail Coaching program Level 2. A program for all companies which are wishing to improve their customer service processes with their workforce and achieving excellence. The final surprise was the fantastic performance of the Barbershop Aftershave Quartet, Spanish champions of this kind of music, which accompanied the participants during the cocktail time that encouraged networking, crowning this amazing day!

The companies present were: Alain Afflelou, Apple, Dandara, Dolores Promesas, Equivalenza, pharmacies G9, Gocco, Hackett, Hermès, Interflora, La Sirena, Levis, Numero 1, Nostrum, Oro Vivo, Schmidt Kitchens, Soloio, Springfield, Sprinter, SSP, Tea Shop, Uno de 50, Vivarte, Women Secret…
Pedro Flores, journalist


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