Coaching for executives

A conversation in which customers find answers to your questions as well as incentives to achieve their goals. In a nutshell, the coaching is a very anglicised fashionable term defining a thousand year old practice that’s based on great traditions of thought: the Socratic method of maieutics, Oriental wisdom of inner listening, and the Jesuit discernment method. These traditions are utilised to develop the full potential of each person.

Coaching for commercial and sales teams

How many time have you thought that you are wasting your time in a company meeting? Perhaps it’s because nothing was moving forwards, or even worse, none of the participants were committed enough. Overcoming this is the main challenge of coaching sales teams.
Although the objective of an executive coach and team coach is always the same, the Retail Coaching Method applied is significantly different. While the first operation focuses on the performance of the team, the second focuses on each of the participants separately.

What is the process of team coaching?

Our coach attends the team meetings, but does not participate in them. Following this, depending on the needs of the team, you will develop workshops or exercises.


A basic premise when working with computers is to get all members to feel comfortable by establishing a climate of trust. In addition, a confidentiality agreement with the company is also agreed.

Coaching with NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP in its abbreviation) is the discipline that aligns the internal resources of each individual and helps tame the subconscious. The idea is to master the ‘enemy’ in all of us and, without realising it, boycotting our most important decisions. How does it work? Check out the following examples of work drawn from coaching sessions with NLP:

– Incorporate anchors

– Good formulation of objectives

– Vision exercise

– Reconciliation of internal parts

– Serenity towards the future

– Change limiting beliefs

– Overcoming compulsive behaviour

– Overcoming a phobia or allergy

What is the process of coaching with NLP?

The conversation is conducted privately between the coach and coachee (client). The sessions last about an hour and are repeated every one or two weeks. In total, the process lasts between four and fifteen sessions.

Meeting face to face

The conversation with the coach is conducted in person with the client in question. The advantage of doing this is that sessions are greatly enriched thanks to the visual contact.

Sesión telefónica

Fast, comfortable and very effective. More and more customers opt for coaching sessions for sales teams via phone. In fact, it is a way of coaching which gains adherents daily.
Needless to say, both types of sessions, face to face and telephone, can be seamlessly combined during the coaching process.


Three years after the Retail Coaching program, we continue to see its impact.

Ver Mas

It’s a daily challenge to motivate the staff at airport restaurants: Burger King, Starbucks, Lizarrán…. Three years after the Retail Coaching program with CapKelenn, we continue to see the impact and the mark it has left on working methods and motivation.

Fernando Calpe
Director SSP Airport

I hope CapKelenn can be very successful, its vision is admirable.

Ver Mas

I recognise its vision and it is something that I admire and support. I wish great success to Capkelenn to create a world which people want to belong in.

Robert Dilts
World leader in the development of PNL

The ‘outdoor’ that we did in our company exceeded all of our expectations.

Ver Mas

Thanks to the extraordinary organisation of the event and to the unparalleled capacity of motivation of the Capkelenn team, the Outdoor that we organised for our company had a result that surpassed the expectations of the entire group.

Pedro Jiménez
Country Manager

Our 350 participants were delighted with the conference

Ver Mas

The feedback received from our 350 participants showed an excellent level of satisfaction.

Patricia Mena
General Director, Colombia

Thanks to this conference, I overcame my fear of leading.

Ver Mas

I developed an absurd fear to lead. I have spent 10 years with the opportunity and never dared to lead. After today’s conference, the first thing I will do, is to lead.

Auroa Jiménez
Accounts Supervisor

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