Aquí, ¿quién manda? Libro sobre pnl y coaching

Who is at the commands here?

The PNL Book from Pascual Montañés and Benoit Mahé

The fact that the future of firms are becoming more dependent on communication is increasingly evident. However, are companies communicating in the correct manner? This is the question that Pascual Montañés is trying to answer in Aquí, ¿quién manda? [Who is commanding here?], one of the more useful PNL books that you can find on the market. Altogether, Benoit Mahé and a group of experts leading the Chair of Responsible Strategic Communication at the IE Business School have revealed how to communicate effectively with every stakeholder with a view to achieve better results.

Aquí, ¿quién manda? is about the future of companies as well as our proper future. The idea is to set the foundations that ensure a future better than our past, allowing us to be able to go further than the basic reputation. In this regard, this PNL book focuses on the combination of two basic concepts (communication and strategy) as one of the main duties that every executive, without exception, should understand in this new century.


– The Management of Stakeholders.

– Distinguishing those Who Command for What they Wish for.

– What Do Shareholders Desire?

– What Do Analyst Desire?

– What Do Clients Desire?

– What Do People and the Human Resources Desire?

– Who Is Commanding in the Third Sector?

– What Do Watchdogs Desire?

– How to Seduce the Media?

– In My Life, who Is Commanding? What Do the People I Care about Desire?, with Benoit Mahé.

– The Dialogue Between Stakeholders, a Responsible Commitment.

– The Altran Case: the Innovative Key for the Success of an Integration.


ISBN: 9788483227510
June 2011
Publisher: Pearson