I discovered Matthieu Cheddid or M, if you prefer, 20 years ago and I must confess that, instantly, I felt strongly attracted to his music, as well as intrigued by the character. Matthieu is a remarkable musician, as a composer and as an interpreter, and M, his stage alter ego, is absolutely overwhelming live.

My world, shame on me, is not music but retail. However, my most melomaniac side sometimes leads me to find similarities between both worlds. That is the case of this video that, read in “retail mode”, is an evident and brilliant example of customer experience.


The customer experience in retail

The interaction or exchange between the client and the brand or establishment is the basis on which the client’s experience is built and only the client will be able to tell how he has lived it. His feelings are directly linked to his perception, that is, his expectations about the product, the service, the brand or the establishment.

However, for retailers, it is not the same that the client’s appreciation is to have lived a useful, pleasant experience, or, on the contrary, a unique and absolutely wonderful experience. So, going back to M’s concert, for me, there is an almost magical connection between Matthieu’s guitar solo and the child’s excellent performance. Such a strong and lively interaction with so much emotion generates a memorable, unique, absolutely wonderful and unforgettable experience.

And, obviously, the customer experience does not focus solely on the characteristics of the product or service and its benefits, nor is it based solely on the store.The experience drives, above all, the emotional commitment created during the interaction with the client and to be truly unique, distinct and memorable, it much reach the emotions, since these nourish our memories. So the stronger the experience, the more lasting the memory will be.

I have no doubt that this child will remember this improvisation with M throughout his life.


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